Xining thirty years the first audit

As a real record and representation of my city audit institutions at various levels and grow up in the past thirty years of development, new achievements and new changes of audit work has to show Xining, show a new image of audit "for the people, pragmatic, honest and dedication", Xining municipal audit bureau published a compilation of "Xining thirty years" memorial book audit Xining, August 6th, "the audit for thirty years" ceremony and photography, calligraphy and painting exhibition held.

"Xining audit for thirty years" ceremony and photography, calligraphy and painting exhibition, is one of the main contents of Xining Municipal Audit System in 2014 "tree clean fresh air, clean audit exhibition style" culture week activities. "Xining audit for thirty years" by the full and accurate data, colorful pictures and rich text, from organization and leadership team members, industry audit, social audit and internal audit and audit theory research systematically describes the thirty years of Xining audit development picture and achievements, highlighting the characteristics of the times the times of audit staff. Over the years, through the development of the infrastructure as the focus of the audit, investment in fixed assets to pay attention to people’s livelihood as the main content of the social security funds audit and carry out the reform of enterprises around the enterprise audit work, audit departments actively supervise their service functions, for Xining’s economic and social development and the construction of the escort.

in "thirty years" Xining audit also held a launching ceremony, photography, calligraphy, paintings, calligraphy and paintings, exhibited a total of 29, 132 photographs and 30 pieces of paper-cut and cross stitch works, these works by the audit organs at all levels, audit cadres and workers of creation, is the audit staff a gift to commemorate the audit for thirty years with the.  

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