Create a city while walking look rectification

Entered a crucial stage to create a national civilized city of

in Xining City, from the civilized persuasion to clean the streets, from the "Lei Feng" activities of everyday life, everyone is the "creative city" Guazaizuibian, the "creative city" into action. North of the city has also set up a special city inspectors group, in March 18th, the reporter followed the inspectors into the community, the train station, the market and other places, the experience of how the inspectors found the problem, how to solve the problem.

location: Menyuan Lu

problem: billboard stumped chased

from the north of the city district government yard, inspectorate line turned into the Menyuan Road, ready to see a billboard in the North District Urban Management "has been coordinated down". Billboard in Qinghai thermal power company in a shop, billboards have been completely off, exposing the walls and billboards steel frame, while the other part from the wall, hanging in the air. It is understood that in the past, Qinghai Wan Yi pharmaceutical leased power company stores, but before the surrender, after ten thousand Yi pharmaceutical did not timely repair of damaged billboards, north of the city, district urban management departments repeatedly and power company property coordination, have not been able to solve the problem of billboard.

measures: according to the billboard, north of the city district urban management department contact again with Qinghai thermal power company property, the property that the store will be transformed immediately, they will deal with billboards, billboards to avoid falling injured people.

location: building Lane Community

problem: Pee anywhere

left Menyuan Road, groups of inspectors came to the Lane Community construction. As soon as entering the community, the water stains on the ground attracted everyone’s attention. The director of the community often pointed to the mahjong room in the yard helplessly said: This is a mahjong room around the middle of the night, rub the end of the mahjong here on the grounds of the residents urinate, we do not work with mahjong room coordination." Not only is the outdoor mahjong, often said, due to the construction of community is Xiang Jia Shu Yuan some bankrupt enterprises, belonging to the "three no" hospital building, corridor, yard, garden, the total social morality of the people defecate.

measures: community will be coordinated with the urban management, public security departments, remediation of defecation phenomenon; next, Chengbei district will be established by the government funded property company, took over the "three noes" buildings, improve community infrastructure and outlook.

location: Jian Nan Xiang

problem: Jeeves

after Jian Nan Xiang, groups of inspectors stop at Yu Hai aluminum doors and windows factory gate. In front of the factory on the sidewalk filled with doors and windows, the workers are squatting on the ground to paint the doors and windows, walls, the pavement dyed like a big face riotous with colour. Not only the processing factory, other shops also Jian Nan Xiang boldly office located in the sidewalk, pedestrians had to make a detour.

measures: North District urban management departments to immediately stop the Jeeves behavior processing factory, processing factory boss said: "see you again tomorrow, I promise to clean here."


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