Xining Chengbei business guidance service center

June 25th, entrepreneurship training, organized by the North District of Xining City Bureau of the disabled employment skills training in the north area of career guidance service center opening, which marks the north area of entrepreneurship guidance service center officially put into use.

North District entrepreneurial guidance service center is located in Da Bao Zi Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei Qu, is based on the original Qaidam Road Primary School, after converted. Service Center will shoulder the guidance of employment within the region, to support entrepreneurship and vocational training, this year plans to complete the training of 800 people. North District entrepreneurial guidance service center for all types of employment needs of the population to carry out entrepreneurial knowledge training and labor skills training. North District entrepreneurial guidance service center after the investment, the first to set up a special skills training and entrepreneurship training for students two classes. Special skills training for persons with disabilities, including home appliance repair and computer technology, will train 100 disabled persons. After the end of the skills training, students with disabilities will also receive entrepreneurial knowledge training. Undergraduate entrepreneurship training courses, the first phase of a total of 3 classes, by the Qinghai University, 77 college students to participate in. During the one month training period, college students are trained in the community in the north of the city after receiving the system of entrepreneurial knowledge training. (author: Duan Yuetang)


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