64 separate families were allowed to have two children

Since March 27th this year, the province started to implement a separate two child policy, around the safe and orderly solid implementation of relevant policies, to the end of May the province’s two single family for child birth a total of 67 households, and 64 households, the overall implementation smoothly. So far, the province’s 64 families were allowed to have a separate family of two children.

in May this year, the province for the two child birth alone 42 households, and 42 households. Among them, the approval of 29 households in Xining. In order to make the province alone two child policy for the safe and orderly conduct, local health departments at the training class, organize relevant personnel to focus on the learning of the State Council "on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy opinions", the provincial people’s Congress "on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy resolution" and the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission prepared "separate two child policy the interpretation of" accurate, comprehensive grasp of the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy, fully prepared for the safe and orderly implementation of the policy. At the same time strengthen propaganda and guidance. Start the policy of family households mass campaigns, the community, grassroots health planning agency for the advantage of the masses, distribution of publicity materials, to carry out community seminars to separate two child policy known to every family. Strengthen the accreditation services, improve the development of a separate two children and then fertility norms, simplify the approval process, the opening of the green channel, shorten the time limit. To complete the formalities that is, the shortest in 3 working days to give approval, the masses satisfaction rate is high. Health and family planning technical service institutions in a timely manner in accordance with the policy fertility wishes of people of childbearing age technology services, the existing contraceptive measures for termination of service, especially to the elderly woman’s fertility regeneration guidance and guidance services during pregnancy.  

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