Xining criterium Qinghai tianyoude team won the best asian

Bank of Gansu team won the championship stage, gains two yellow and green shirt; Qinghai tianyoude team won the "best Asian players," Dong Xiaoyong blue sweater body. Perhaps all the European teams did not expect is that the fifteenth session of the Qinghai rural credit cup, the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race opener will allow the team to take up the majority of the Asian team accounted for two.

yesterday, European teams did not bring too many surprises, perhaps intends to preserve strength in climbing stage. But Asian teams Pinqiang fierce battle. Enter the second circle, Ukraine’s Kors Vitale and RTS · boots; Taipei sendi visiting Ortega · Ramirez two people formed a group leader, has remained the leading edge. But after only one circle, · boots; Vitale returned to the big league, Ortega · Ramirez a leader and once will extend the lead to 3 minutes and 50 seconds. In the meantime, the Italy team will spare no effort to catch up, trying to control a large group velocity "swallowed up" lead rider, but the ghoulishly timely insight into each other’s intentions, and occupy a large groups of the most forward position, destroy "swallowed up" plan.

Qinghai tianyoude team eye-catching performance, has been in the mass of the front position, especially in the second sprint points, players Dong Xiaoyong suddenly force third crossed the sprint, sprint points get. Yesterday at a relatively stable, no change radically, but the way the sprint Pinqiang exciting. · boots; Vitale successfully won the first sprint points, the Bank of Gansu team Miguel · angel with two sprint points to get the green sweater.

after fierce competition for more than two hours, the Bank of Gansu’s Miguel · Angel won the championship stage, Italy – Gregory · Weinifandini Nebo team; Daniel Parke, Holland team Blake Hertel · · Lei Muke were ranked second and three. Although the Taipei RTS morichi regret missing Jersey, but because Ortega · Ramirez outstanding performance in the course of the game, get around the race since the founding of the first "history Award for a dare".


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