Large scene show road legend will be held in early May to meet with the audience

According to the municipal government to promote the development of tourism and cultural integration requirements, for the prosperity of the cultural tourism performing arts market, hand in hand by the Xining Arts Theatre Limited domestic top team effort to build cultural tourism products — large repertoire "scenarios show road legend", will be held in early May in the Qinghai Grand Theater to meet with the audience. The play is the Xining Municipal State-owned Art Troupes through the cultural system reform following the "Horizon heaven" after a row and a large repertoire of cultural tourism. Large scene show "road legend" when about 1 hours and 10 minutes, the five added back to the order and the end of the 7 Scene pictures. Is an ancient road as the theme, the integration of modern "through" fantasy style stage show. The Tibet Road opened to Princess Wencheng legend as the main clue, from ancient to modern times "through" dialogue as the auxiliary line, vivid reproduction Tangfangudao historical and cultural legends and humanities style, traces the Tibetan people for thousands of years of history and profound sentiments of friendship "friendly love in a foil," love theme, the whole show is warm and touching. The play is the main form in the "Scene" show, show a collection of dancing and singing and acrobatics, magic and other art forms, with large screen projection, video and other high-tech means, the show has a modern dynamic, and rich local flavor, in the history of the romantic tone, combination of authenticity and artistry. Respect the basic historical facts combined with bold adaptation of folklore. The whole show prominent magnificent magnificent color, full of modern science and technology called a variety of stage performance elements of ancient legend culture in national exquisite art form, make the audience "a thousand miles away, a series of ancient and modern knowledge".

the repertoire in the creation of deep folk songs, fully absorb the Qinghai local folk dance art elements, natural scenery features, and these artistic elements and technical elements of the modern stage of organic integration, to show the international modern creation concept, breaking the traditional dance structure, traditional narrative technique, called fully multimedia means. Also highlights the rich exquisite art form, multi nationality at the same time, director of the Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony of Guangzhou Asian Games and two directors will the opening ceremony director invited many domestic experienced drama production staff to join soon, the scene show will bring a high-quality visual feast for Xining residents and tourists. In addition, large show "legend" as the road situation and creative development of Xining city to attract tourists and cultural consumer eyeballs culture popular brand, also will strive to become a famous brand in the national art of tourism performance, and to significantly enhance Xining cultural soft power, promote the rapid development of the tourism industry.

director general Zhao Hongwu, the secret of the "ancient legend" large scene show "ancient legend" will be held in Qinghai in May in the Grand Theatre in the field performances. "Ancient legend" to Princess Wencheng Tibet Tangfangudao opened the main clue, vivid reproduction of ancient legendary historical and cultural legends and humanities style, traces of the people of all ethnic groups for thousands of years of history and profound sentiments of friendship and friendly. Large scene show "ancient legend" what are the highlights? And the same theme of the previous performances have;

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