1000th Chaoyang plan health room in the ancient city of Ping An Center School

July 13th, China by the next generation working committee and midrib road and the public welfare foundation jointly launched the "Chaoyang plan — adolescent health guard action 1000th" Chaoyang health room "in the East Sea city safe area of the city center school officially completed.

Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the ten NPC

long, Chinese next generation working committee director Gu Xiulian, the provincial director of care sang the next generation committee to add, the Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Hu Changsheng, deputy director of provincial concerned about the next generation Committee Li Mingjin, Ma Fuhai attended the event and jointly visited the newly completed 1000th the "Chaoyang health room".

"Chaoyang plan — adolescent health guard action is co sponsored by the Nanjing science and Technology Co China midrib next generation working committee and the ministries of many countries a concern for poor children growing long-term health public welfare projects. In order to enhance the students in poor areas of health consciousness, establish a good health habits, attention to their physical and mental health, through investigation, demonstration, selection, basic equipment, for different sizes of schools equipped with health room for free health science knowledge propaganda, carry out health science knowledge propaganda, training school health personnel, to improve the comprehensive the quality of physical and mental health of students play a positive role in promoting. The program since 2013, invested 100 million yuan in the past five years, the construction of the central and western provinces in the 2000 schools of the 2000 health clinics, training of not less than 2000 elite medical school, is expected to benefit more than 1 million children will be.

it is understood that, as of now, the "Chaoyang plan" for the poor areas of Western China built 1000 "Chaoyang health room", Ningxia, Gansu, involving Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Yunnan and other 10 provinces, more and more rural children begin to enjoy health insurance. Chaoyang plan this year will be built in our province, 80 Chaoyang health room, is expected to benefit more than 30 thousand children, will greatly improve the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas of health care facilities.


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