28 a thorough investigation group investigation fine

In order to ensure that during the two delicate gas is, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Organization to carry out a "two" style of construction during the thorough investigation activities to promote the style of the building, the actual effectiveness of "air plant" style of promoting the construction work in depth.

"two" period, the city and county (District) level two 28 total thorough investigation group to carry out supervision and inspection of more than 150 times, a total of municipal departments and county departments and units and towns, grassroots, dining places a total of more than 440 units and key sites were examined. From the inspection situation, the city’s various regions, departments and units to seriously implement the spirit and provisions of the central eight provinces and relevant measures, and timely communication to learn the City Commission for Discipline Inspection "on further strict disciplinary requirements during the new year and Spring Festival notice", reiterated the "six prohibitions" discipline for better implementation of the provisions of style building the system, Gongjusiyong phenomenon basically, no gifts of public funds, public funds, public funds to travel, spamming allowances and subsidies problems found. The city party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels, window service departments and grassroots cadres and workers safety consciousness obvious enhancement, duty consciousness increase, improve work style, improve the satisfaction of the masses. Although attaches great importance to the style of construction work most of the organs and institutions, but there are still a few units in the style of construction and performance of the construction management is not strict, inadequate supervision, individual personnel in violation of work discipline, to inform the sign and does not match the actual bus logo is not standardized phenomenon still exists, in this regard, the inspection team conducted a timely feedback and correct.

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