Wang Guosheng during the national day inspection tour guide and emergency work in Hao Peng

eleven during the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng respectively on tourism, emergency work, etc..

in recent years, Qinghai tourism industry blowout development, into the autumn of October, my province still tourists. 1 days, 2 days to two days in a row, Wang Guosheng has more to chase kite ditch national Forest Park, the Qinghai Lake, the mirror of the sky, tea cards and other tourists scenic spot investigation.

to see the continuous flow of vehicles on the highway, a large number of tourist attractions, Wang Guosheng, said the province’s tourism development. When you see a retrograde traffic on the highway, Wang Guosheng came to the provincial Office of comrades on duty, asked relevant departments to strengthen the management of road traffic during the holiday season, strengthening management and service work of scenic spots, "Golden Week" to ensure that people travel safety, let the masses live a happy and peaceful holiday. In the tea card area, Wang Guosheng and Wulan county government responsible comrades on duty and visitors to talk, he pointed out that a detailed understanding of the situation of the tourism market, during the festival, the tourism development is to realize ecological protection and economic development, rich people is one of the best fit point. The construction of scenic spots to look out of Qinghai, Qinghai, out of tourism tourism, the ecological and cultural tourism, organic integration, the inside and outside the province, domestic and international tourism market unified use, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of tourism in our province.

1, Hao Peng to the provincial government emergency management office to check the province’s emergency duty. Hao Peng detailed understanding of the government of the province during the National Day holiday on duty system of emergency work, carefully check the units of cities and states, during the festival on duty arrangement, and telephone checks on duty Haidong City, human resources and social security department, the Provincial Department of education and the work of the emergency duty, he affirmed to the province during the festival post duty personnel condolences. He stressed the need to strictly discipline on duty, adhere to the leadership on duty, stick to their posts, strict reporting system, the provincial emergency office to increase regular inspection, spot checks, maintain the smooth channels reported information, improve emergency command and linkage mechanism, strive to improve the scientific response, proper disposal ability and the level of all types of emergencies.


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