Strengthen security checks to ensure the safety of transport in the provincial capital to carry out

in order to further strengthen the Xining city transportation safety supervision, to ensure the safety of transportation in winter, Xining city traffic bureau into large and medium-sized freight enterprises, automobile comprehensive performance testing station and other units, the winter transport safety inspection.

in the inspection, the Xining City Department of transportation requirements of freight enterprises according to the characteristics of winter transport, carry out a comprehensive transportation safety hazards investigation, strictly "sick" vehicles in road transport activities, improve vehicle regular two maintenance, detection and evaluation of archives. Organize relevant personnel to carry out winter safety transportation education, strict implementation of the daily safety inspection, the establishment of emergency transport plans and drills. The inspection station in accordance with the operating rules to regulate the vehicle detection, the operation of the vehicle technology, regular inspection equipment maintenance and calibration, to ensure that the test data is true, accurate, complete, to ensure road safety.


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