Xining City the first collective wage negotiation full time instructors stationed four industrial p

reporter recently learned from the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, Xining city’s first full-time instructors collective wage negotiations to be stationed in Xining City Industrial Park four.

vigorously promote the universal establishment of the collective wage consultation system of all kinds of enterprises, is the smooth realization of the "12th Five-Year" period of urban and rural residents’ income and economic development simultaneously, labor compensation and labor productivity growth guarantee synchronization target. For the city’s small and medium-sized private enterprises quantity, promote collective wage negotiations difficult problems, Xining City Federation of trade unions in the city to establish the first responsible for guidance and assistance and participation in collective wage negotiation instructors, will solve the grassroots trade union cadres and representatives of the staff and workers "dare not talk", "don’t talk about the problem, promote the collective wage negotiation work carried out.

it is understood that the hiring of 4 full-time instructors, are skilled in provisions of local and national labor laws and regulations and policies, familiar with the basic knowledge of the trade union, the enterprise human resources management, financial system, labor and social security, labor safety and hygiene, as workers party representatives, are directly involved in grass-roots trade unions the collective salary negotiation with enterprises. In specific work, they will also be responsible for promoting the situation and tasks of collective wage negotiation research local industries, regions and enterprises, enterprises will touch the study base, formulate the work plan in consultation and implementation of grass-roots trade union organizations for business training to improve the negotiation ability, experience, provide theoretical and data support. (author: Ye Wenjuan Bao Minwen)

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