Xining will launch a consumer rights Huiwanjia thorough investigation of mandatory spending Duanjin

Reporters yesterday from the Xining Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce Bureau was informed that with immediate effect, Xining city industry and commerce system will carry out the "consumer rights Huiwanjia activities in the city, and severely punish operators forced consumption, Duanjinshaoliang, by the terms of overlord additional unreasonable conditions for illegal infringement.

during the event, the key work of Xining city industry and Commerce Department will focus on the protection of consumer safety, the right to know, even bargain and to choose the right, right of claim, and severely punish the sale of counterfeit and shoddy substandard goods, false propaganda fraud, false sales induced by demonstrations, misleading, operators forced consumption, Duanjinshaoliang, the overlord in terms of additional unreasonable conditions, illegal behavior does not fulfill the three guarantees and other legal liability. (author: Wu Yachun)


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