Xining West District built the province’s first legal culture theme park

recently, built by the West District of Xining City, the province’s first law culture theme park officially opened, people in the entertainment area, can accept education and edification of the popular culture of the rule of law, promote the building of the park to create a civilized city will play a subtle role.

in recent years, the west region attaches great importance to the construction of the rule of law culture, to strengthen and promote the cultural construction of the rule of law as an important task, according to the actual situation, take a number of measures, and strive to legal knowledge into the legal consciousness and the spirit of the rule of law, the rule of law culture construction as the construction of happiness booster of western legal publicity deepening the area of public awareness of the rule of law continue to strengthen.

West District law culture theme park on the Yellow River Road, a small garden into the rule of law elements to enhance the transformation from the 10 stone, 5 law character sculpture, 16 pieces of comic book panels, 1 groups of legal publicity column, 4 groups and 2 groups of leaders under the rule of law Maxim window as the carrier, the rule of law, rule of law, read the rule of character stories, the historical evolution of China’s constitution, laws and regulations and public life in stone, comic books, illustrations show the form, and uses the "seven words" in the form of relevant laws and regulations about doubt and confusion, people advocating law-abiding, civilized behavior, reflected in the constitution as an important position and role of the fundamental law of the state, for the public to get the rule of law culture in the leisure environment, cultivating the legal literacy and the spirit of the rule of law imperceptibly.

The construction of

legal culture is an important part of "65". The new law culture theme park, West District will play a positive role in promoting the construction of the rule of law culture. In the west district will also rely on this new position, actively organize the masses to carry out legal education and legal services, to further promote the rule of law, the spread of the rule of law culture, to become the public legal education culture base, legal publicity activities strong position and convenience legal service activities in open places and residents of a good place for recreation and leisure. In order to further strengthen the legal publicity and education penetration in the appeal, the whole society and influence. (author: Xiao Shu Ma Zhanyu)

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