The new school building in Xining 21 completed to accommodate 3500 students in the class

21 in Xining will build a new school in the north of the city of the three areas east of the new school of Huangshui waterways, a total investment of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 77669 square meters, will be completed by the end of August next year, to become a pillar Xichuan area of education.

September 6th, the reporter saw in the new campus, the new campus gate is part of workers laying floor tiles, the construction side also according to the design requirements on both sides of the gate in a symmetrical way planting two rows of pines, the new school gate has taken shape, some workers are building at the foundation to do the preparatory work before the start.

it is understood, according to the design scheme, the new campus will be built in gymnasium, cafeteria, and student apartments, tennis, track and field and artificial lake and other facilities in the school gate built Cultural Square, after the completion of the new school can accommodate 3500 students in class. In addition, not far from where the local school is building a private kindergarten, then, the school and the kindergarten together, can meet the needs of the school as the center, 7 km radius, covering about 100 thousand of population education, to the various stages of education high school primary school, from the beginning of Preschool education.


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