Solid preparations for the general election

In order to do a good job in 2014 the village (community) "two committees" general election preparatory work, the city district planning early long before the early deployment, for the village (community) committees general smoothly to lay a solid foundation.

"eight clear" to lay a solid foundation. The establishment of the 32 villages "general risk assessment working group, to change before the village" two committees ", the village cadres ideological status investigation Mopai, do the" eight clear ": the village collective economy, culture clear accounts team of the age structure clear and team work performance, clear opinion, clear village team clearly, the members leave turn intends to run for the" two committees ", the main member object clearly disputes, clear rectification work plan clearly, to be aware of, targeted for the smooth development of the solid foundation laid the election.

"leadership package case" to remove obstacles. There is a big contradiction of village (community), county-level leadership "case", to carry out pre election disputes by mediation Mopai work, focus on difficult cases and disputes as well as the complex history of the backlog, to make some major disputes effectively and timely disposal.  

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