Xining school moral education issues will be serious accountability

November 9th, the Xining city primary and secondary school moral education work conference held. In the future, where the school and individual serious problems in moral education, in all kinds of activities Pingxianpingyou is a veto, and seriously investigated party, Deputy principal, principal responsibility; where major accidents in the moral education of the District, year-end evaluation will be a veto.

meeting the requirements of the school moral education should resolutely put an end to "cut" and "empty talk" phenomenon, all students from the actual situation, clear kindergarten, middle and primary school moral education the focus of the work, to carry out the work of moral education, moral education is different. To lower the starting point, from the students speak, walk, talk about health, instrument dress, behavior, integrity, gratitude, love, responsibility, and other basic literacy grab, strengthen their education. School moral education should be throughout the whole process of the professional development of teachers, the principal is the first responsibility of school moral education, teachers should be teaching, can the elective, can do psychological counseling, can make moral education.

in the future, in the title and, Tuiyou tree first, year-end assessment, performance wage distribution and other aspects of the class teacher work tilt, let be teachers willing to play post. In addition, the city will increase investment in moral education in schools, the establishment of moral education funding guarantee mechanism, the school moral education funds included in the school budget alone, and to increase year by year. (author: Dezhou)

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