Zhang Guangrong in Xining grassroots political units and community research

July 9th, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor, provincial Party committee secretary Zhang Guangrong to Xining research base law and social management, and law enforcement authorities to carry out the party’s mass line education activities for primary law enforcement units, community opinions and suggestions.

Zhang Guangrong has come to the police station, Xing Hai Lu West District Procuratorate, victory road, East District Court and judicial offices in Dongguan Street Salesian community site, to understand the grassroots political and legal work and community management work, visit condolences grassroots police officers and community workers, the weakness of the law department existing prominent problems and comprehensive management style of politics and law the steady basic work, listen to everyone’s opinions and suggestions.

Zhang Guangrong stressed the need to conduct a thorough and solid mass line of educational practice and activities to create national unity and progress of advanced areas, through further change the style, the masses, the grassroots police officers and community cadres do 100, 100 cooked family chores to do maintenance work groups rely on social harmony and stability. Law enforcement authorities at all levels should strengthen grass-roots strength, stimulate grassroots vitality as an important content and direction of educational practice, from the work force, funding and other aspects to strengthen security, create conditions and strive to work and win is deeply rooted in the grassroots level, rooted in the masses, really lay a solid promoting national unity the realization of social progress, a solid foundation for the long period of stability. (author: Jian Huashan Yongxiang Shao Yun)

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