The province’s courts to promote the full implementation of the case rate

10 31 July, the Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s Court of the judicial committee of the "on the filing, trial and execution of cooperation to promote the performance of automatic case certain stipulations" rate, to further strengthen the judge "thinking" in the trial and execution of personnel to make full use of compulsory enforcement measures, guarantee the implementation of measures to promote civil and commercial cases of automatic discharge rate, our province is an important measure for the realization of the court two to three years to basically solve the difficult execution of target.

it is understood that the "Regulations" to strengthen the filing, trial procedures in litigation guidance, risk disclosure and laws; puts forward standards for mediation and reconciliation, and to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of mediation and conciliation; requirements of legal documents, text specific clear and complete, and should give full consideration to the referee results the convenience and possibility, avoid caused by the referee expressed text is not rigorous, not standardized, accurate implementation requirements not; the tribunal judge in the service of legal documents at the same time, "notice" to supervise the performance of service obligations, and supervise the implementation; implementation of the results of judgment, the people’s court initiative tracking supervision; use of a variety of coercive measures in the course of execution, execution of the program into the case after the actuator investigation, control, punishment execution The property available for execution, make full use of the seizure, seizure, freezing and other enforcement measures, increase the evasion of enforcement penalties against efforts to ensure effective legal instruments to determine the obligations as soon as possible, while focusing on the flexible use of reporting property, exit restrictions, restrictions on high consumption, such as the protection of the implementation of measures to combat the "Laolai" behavior from the source; transfer rate, tracking performance and rate of mediation cases for execution rate, execution cases of automatic discharge rate, the actual execution rate of the underlying case, rulings rate and other indicators into the performance appraisal scope of mediation cases automatically perform.


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