Joy and peace of the National Day frugal fresh air remodeling holiday fresh

The National Day holiday this year, walking in the provincial capital of the high streets and back lanes, many careful people found, the provincial capital of major square, street dress a little, everyone in different ways to celebrate the eleven, full of joy, thrift, and peaceful festive atmosphere.

holiday dress downsizing

in the city zone of Xining City, everywhere permeated with a strong festive atmosphere, West Main Street, main roads on both sides of the side face of Grand Cross of the bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, under the blue sky and white cloud, is sacred and solemn. Reporters found that this year is different from previous years, the main road intersection in the province city area just sporadically placed some flowers, flowers landscape layout of the large park last year is relatively simple, many flowers and trees just for daily pruning and planting, a large three-dimensional flower has been difficult to seek traces. "The annual national day, new year’s day and other festivals, park, square will put large flower, now the national thrift, this is also quite good, save money used to pay attention to people’s livelihood, our life will be better." The kylin Bay Park Liuwan people Uncle Zhang said. In the interview, many people also agree. Less flowers embellishment, and did not dilute the atmosphere of National Day celebrations, the main road in the urban areas of the province, the five-star red flag will be dressed as a red festive red sea, the same national day atmosphere is very strong.

dining out packaged, CD is becoming a trend

"waiter, please bring me some lunch boxes." A resident in the dining room said. When the eleven holiday, a variety of family and friends gathering is also a holiday scene. The reporter visited the provincial capital restaurant, thrifty wind is gradually popular in the dining room, a lot of people in the order, often eat food according to the number and proper choice, but also try to make a CD, and most people will have some uneaten food packed away. "You see there are a lot of these dishes, throw a pity, or pack away better, go back to the hot can eat." Ms. Lee told reporters.

Changjiang Road, a restaurant official told reporters that due to this year’s "eleven" golden week consumption to the main family dinner, wedding based, single table consumption decreased significantly.

marry into mainstream

"eleven" holiday is the wedding season, the reporter found in the visited many wedding companies, this small holiday period the wedding market is still very hot, compared with previous years, now the personality, simple, romantic wedding has gradually become the mainstream, more and more people try to make "good day" from the beginning of thrift also, many companies in the service concept from the luxurious style of transition to the thrifty wind.

wedding is approaching, the 30 year old groom Li Nan talked about himself participated in the wedding banquet said before, attended many relatives and friends of the wedding, found very common waste wedding. ;

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