70 thousand acres of green belts to beautify the four sides

from the side of the road to the river, from the river to the edge of the mountain, let a green belt winding extends to make a piece of green, green rise. In the development of urban forests, the process of building a modern ecological city, the city launched a four green work, this year will make efforts to promote the four green two phase project, the construction scale of up to 70 thousand acres.

city in the end of 2012 to start the implementation of four green project. Project planning and construction of a total size of 100 thousand acres, divided into two phases, the first phase was completed in 2013, the construction scale of up to 30 thousand acres, the two phase will be implemented in 2014, the construction scale of 70 thousand acres. Mainly in the city landscape construction on both sides of the road outlet width of 30 meters, at the same time improve the river, farmland forest and mountain forest. After the project completed, our city’s forest coverage rate will increase by 0.87 percentage points, can appear in the city, the mountains lush vegetation, rivers, rural scenery of the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade appearance, promote Xining forward to people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness.

Both sides of the

quadrilateral green project on the West high speed, Huang Ning expressway, down a highway several key highway and backbone river a substantial increase in green, reached through the city forest ecological corridor requirements; but on both sides of the road along the mountain greening level is not high, but also has great potential of green. The two phase of the project to the main road on both sides of the mountain along the extension of these areas is mainly arid barren, regional soil erosion in our city, as well as the difficulty of ecological management.

this year’s "four sides" green construction area involves three counties in the District, the 12 towns, the 42 administrative villages. Including the key water conservation areas along the mountain road leading to the city in three counties and three counties, 17 Mountain West brain Ning Expressway Dongshan, Xishan, West Tower high-speed high-speed east 20 meters range, Beishan, Xiping Expressway on the north side of dopa and other key areas and three key ecological county township water conservation district. Quadrilateral green after completion of the two phases, can increase the forest coverage rate of 0.6 percentage points, the annual increase of carbon reserves of 70 thousand tons, in the control of soil erosion, water conservation, improve the regional climate, the ecological benefit is very obvious.


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