2015 Tibetan carpet exhibition opened on 25

From June 25th to 29, with the "exchange, cooperation, innovation, development" as the theme of the 2015 China (Qinghai) Tibetan carpet international exhibition, will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. The exhibition will fully demonstrate the development of new technologies, new formats and new features of the carpet, carry forward the national culture, and promote the development of friendly exchanges and cooperation in the international carpet industry.

in order to actively carry out the Tibetan carpet exhibition investment promotional work, strengthen the world’s major producer of handmade carpets, cooperation and exchanges between domestic carpet production enterprises, suppliers, distributors, in March of this year, Chinese carpet Association in our province a number of enterprises in Shanghai organized by the "forty-second China international carpet exhibition I highlight the exhibitors, Tibetan carpet corporate image, enhance corporate visibility, make a lot of new customers at home and abroad, and on this Tibetan carpet exhibition of publicity and promotion activities, expand the influence of the exhibition, to attract domestic and foreign exhibitors with business.

it is reported that since 2004, the Tibetan carpet exhibition has been successfully held eleven sessions, exhibitors participating merchants increased year by year, increasingly large scale, has become an important national brand display, stage carpet carpet industry exchanges, cultural fusion, and constantly improve the visibility of the domestic and foreign influence, is one of the handmade carpet international well-known professional exhibition, exhibition industry China won the "2014 annual top ten Chinese features exhibition".  

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