Chase silver snow season release positive energy in winter tourism

editor’s note:

winter cultural tourism has been the development of tourism in various regions of the short board. Although there are rich natural landscape and cultural landscape, but one to the winter, the province’s tourism activities in various regions are facing the embarrassment of fire can not stand up. The situation of "hot summer and cold winter" in the tourism industry of our province has greatly affected the process of the construction and development of tourism. To break the bottleneck of winter tourism, the development of winter tourism is becoming an inevitable choice for the development of tourism in our province. The goals of the development of cultural tourism Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Based on the construction of natural scenery and ethnic customs tourism resort, relying on resources, innovative ideas, and actively carry out winter series leisure entertainment culture and eco tourism activities, promote cultural tourism to carry out winter activities in the province, made an attempt to do "fire" the province’s winter tourism.

lit the province’s winter cultural tourism a fire

in order to further implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, Datong rich winter tourism activities in Datong County in winter show the beautiful natural environment and simple folk customs, active cultural life of the masses, promote the development and prosperity of the culture, effectively enhance the Datong influence and visibility, promote the cultural tourism vigorous development. Based on the characteristics of Datong County situation, grasp the regional characteristics, taking the advantages of natural resources, carry out the "landscape Datong, the beautiful" as the theme of the "silver snow season, winter to build cultural tourism products, rich in cultural tourism activities, the County opened a new chapter of cultural tourism in winter, with the winter tourism culture" a fire".

winter rhyme

first Linhaixueyuan kite ditch Festival

"loose connected Baiyuntian do not fall, Lin Chung even Qunfeng green wave." Chase kite ditch has richly endowed by nature winter tourism resources, natural and cultural landscape of dense. Kite ditch scenic area is a national Forest Park scenic area of Datong, 53 kilometers from Xining, is the ecological tourist attractions around Xining recently, unique original natural style. The main scenic spots by Ke Ma ditch, ditch and Laohugou kite. The kite in Daban mountain gully of Shandong gorge water conservation forest, and adjacent to one of the five major monasteries Huang Guanghui temple, a total area of 1600 hectares, with an altitude of 2600 meters -3300 meters, the original spruce forest, larch forest and grassland as the main landscape. Quiet vast deep ecological environment, making it a people climb mountain range rover, recreation, entertainment, science, forest forest sanatorium;

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