48 passenger stations within the network ticketing

In May 21st, another good news from the Provincial Department of transportation came to the public the long-awaited provincial road passenger transport network ticketing system is formally approved by the provincial transportation department approval, is expected by 9 months of construction, the province’s 48 years of more than three passenger station network ticket. When people stay at home, you can buy tickets to the car through the Internet, such as mobile phones.

, the contents of the construction of provincial road passenger ticket network built a unified data center, to achieve 48 passenger information more than three passenger station real-time updating and sharing; four application systems development and construction of the road passenger transport information exchange system, road passenger transport network center management system, road passenger transport information supervision and decision-making the road passenger transport system, information service system; upgrading the existing station system and terminal equipment, promote the popularization and application of the system more than three station passenger station; construction of application system, host computer and storage system, network system and security system support; relevant standards to establish and perfect the online booking ticket information service, internal and external road passenger transport function extension interface.  

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