From the community to the wall to comfort the lost heart

really want the outside world, really want to go home". This simple word, not from the mouth of the loved ones, nor friends, it is a community service officer to write a letter…… It is understood that the well-being of the community Mafang judicial staff offices with DOPA camp, and early intervention, within the jurisdiction of the inmates to help them, they may have been to avoid and reduce the return to society after discrimination, create a normal conditions for their employment.
is "within the walls" detention Lumou, was a drug addict, because of drug abuse, and his girlfriend, brother and sister have nothing to do with him, mother gas with disease. After being sent to compulsory detoxification, was forgotten by the family, he was disheartened. In June last year, the director of the happy community made contact with him and exchanged letters. After several communication, community educators encourage him to obey the discipline, conscientiously study and master the skills to return to society. Since then, he has a great change in thinking, to recognize their mistakes, and determined to get rid of bad habits, quit addiction. He also said in reply, and so out of rehab, will tell all the friends, cherish life, cherish their loved ones around, do not let them sad, panic spent every day.
it is understood that the letter and Misdemeanants office staff and community Mafang happiness "within the walls" has lasted several years, their people-oriented, affection education, help inmates regain confidence, dignity back and retrieve feelings, encourage them to return to society far away from crime. (author: Xiao Yu)


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