PM2 5 since May Xining air quality rate of 100%

Since May this year, Xining 4 state-controlled air automatic monitoring stations in the province to run the first PM2.5 monitoring has been nearly four months, Xining air quality rate of up to 100%.

PM2.5 refers to the particles in the atmosphere of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in diameter, also known as into the lung particles. PM2.5 particle size is small, but a lot of toxic and harmful substances, and in the atmosphere for a long time, far away from the distance, and thus the impact on human health and air quality.

August 28th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring Station of Dong Xiaoning introduced, the establishment of PM2.5 monitoring station, there is a well-defined specification requirements, if not within the scope of 50 meters has obvious pollution source, not around the high-rise block, 15-20 meters height from the ground to. Dong Xiaoning told reporters that a lot of factors leading to the value of PM2.5 changes, such as whether there are site construction, whether there is a motor vehicle gathering, whether there is industrial emissions, etc., there is an important factor is the weather conditions. If just under a heavy rain, the tiny particles in the air will reduce the number, and the wind will facilitate the diffusion, so PM2.5 concentration is very low, the air quality will be better, and if the surrounding range of coal burning boiler, the concentration of PM2.5 will be relatively high. As of August 28th, Xining air quality has improved significantly, there is no three mild pollution weather.

relative to PM2.5 more complex data, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand, then how to read these PM2.5 data? Dong Xiaoning introduced, in accordance with the State Council’s new "standard of ambient air quality", the concentration of PM2.5 set up standard two grades: Grade a standard applies to the nature reserve, two standards for residential area, mixed area, Xining City, 4 PM2.5 monitoring points belong to the mixed residential area, therefore, is applicable two standard. (author: Wang Chunyan)


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