Century Hualian Supermarket jiamengfei number

century Hualian Supermarket? The selection of high quality brands. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very good opportunity to choose. Join century Hualian Supermarket? Good project, good choice!

century Hualian Supermarket fee how much higher turnover to pay more?. As the century Hualian Supermarket has a huge customer base, Beijing and even the domestic leading convenience store brand, so in many people’s minds, joining 7-11 is the profit of insurance, even if it had announced to join conditions, and strictly, it is difficult to stop for food on the enthusiasm of century Hualian Supermarket cake. However, in the 21st century Hualian Supermarket terms for profit sharing and analysis of the prospects for earnings, but allow the applicant to join the heat greatly reduced.

century Hualian Supermarket to join the number of century Hualian Supermarket franchise fee is determined by the turnover, the higher the turnover, the more pay. Monthly profit of 40 thousand yuan, the company deduct a percentage of a sum of money, the monthly profit of between -10 million, the company commission rose to $66%; monthly profit of between 100 thousand -22 million, the company commission of 86%." Ladder type pumping so that applicants shouted exploitation". Because, this means that the better the performance of the franchisee, the profits are divided into less. "Work principle is not applicable here." A scene of the joke.

In fact,

entrepreneurship choose to open their own century Hualian Supermarket stores, do not worry about no source. Small business opportunities are good, simple way to join the choice, it is worth our choice. Join the choice, the advantage is obvious, the first step of successful entrepreneurship!

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