Barbecue buffet the whole investment advantages Hot pot

The rapid development of

Chinese economy makes China people live a well-off life, of course, a lot of people along with the changing times, the concept has also undergone great changes, such as food and beverage consumption concept changes, before more is the Catering Economy bias, now more inclined to demand high quality. It is in this context, the catering industry has also ushered in a new period of development, food and beverage industry market has been relatively stable, to join the industry more and more investors, of course, intense competition in the restaurant industry but its huge market demand based on or to attract a lot of investors, especially the profitable project for example open self-service barbecue shop Hot pot. How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to join the

barbecue grill? What are the advantages of self-help barbecue hot pot?

Hot pot and barbecue of consumers has been the most favored delicacy, opened this store in almost any place is a high income 100 per cent, of course now many business model has changed from the traditional into the form of self-help.

investors are more inclined to choose a good brand to join the open self-service Hot pot barbecue shop, barbecue buffet Hot pot stores money is easy, the investment cost is according to your size determined, choose a good store size, easy to operate in the large flow of people make money to shop, general investment in about one hundred thousand of the rate of return on investment is very high, can recover the cost in a very short period of time, and is also capable of long-term operating profit. Is a good project to make money.

join has the following advantages:

One of the advantages of

: market potential – fast food industry, the market. Repeat consumption allows you to have a stable source of customers, but also in line with the increasingly accelerated pace of life.

two: the unique flavor, unique formula, unique flavor, let you "invincible hand" of market competition.

three: the site support company to assist you, store location. Company specializing in the investigation of the facade staff to provide you with an analysis of the facade.

four: – provide sales support decoration decoration design, restaurant design professional decoration, the whole process guidance.

five: Advertising – regular media publicity, enhance brand reputation, increase the popularity of

six: someone in the shop store to store — with teacher guidance, develop business plan

seven: customer service support, one-stop management services, tracking guidance, profit protection

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