How will Chongqing Xiushan rural finance and poverty net electricity supplier docking

the advent of the Internet has changed the way we consume, the majority of people can buy their own satisfied products directly through online shopping. In order to further development and the era of convergence, and at the same time to raise the income level of the local people, Xiushan County Government of Chongqing said today, to further promote the county finance and business bank poverty alleviation service docking, achieved initial results, then the specific measures taken? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

relying on benefit farmers through other financial outlets, optimized to help farmers loans ATM service points 106, built Hongan township financial convenience stores 2, "u-le shopping village" and the rural Taobao store teller service rate of 82.1% and 88.7% respectively, total benefit farmers through 71 thousand and 700 transactions 14 million 570 thousand yuan (including life in Wuling hall 37 thousand and 500 pen 6 million 760 thousand yuan).

to explore the development of "Internet plus" financial poverty alleviation mode of financial products, to achieve poverty poverty alleviation industry chain covering 73.8% poor villages and 70% households. In the rural electricity supplier + credit in the form of Wuling life Museum project preferred production and management projects, has issued three rights mortgage loans 10 yuan.

Chongqing Xiushan how rural finance and electricity supplier poverty docking? Through the above article we can see that the local government to develop a reasonable measure, the gradual realization of rural finance and electricity supplier butt, hoping to effectively improve the income level of local people! At the same time, the financial service reservation function into the "village" platform, the door for farmers to apply for online booking loans 34 households, credit card and electronic bank every 39 households, boosting business transactions to achieve 6 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 38.6%.

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