Charcoal machine net worth to join

now, joined the charcoal machine market, has been very hot. Entrepreneurial choice charcoal machine to join the project? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. How about joining charcoal machine? Good project, worth heart!

about charcoal machine you want to know:

a, charcoal machine is how to produce?

traditional charcoal production, not only destroyed the forest environment, the use of a large amount of smoke generated when the environment is also relatively polluted. The mechanism of the production of charcoal machine charcoal use straw, peanut shell and other raw materials, and no smoke when burning, a good solution to these problems.

two, what is the charcoal machine?

charcoal machine is the raw material bamboo wood sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob and so on through the sawdust crusher crushed into the 10mm of the granular, after drying machine formed into the carbonization furnace for carbonization machine.

three, charcoal machine production process is what?

under normal circumstances, the production process of charcoal machine: grinding – drying – molding – carbonization. If the amount is relatively large, you may also need to drum screen, conveyor, storage silos and other auxiliary machinery. The diameter of the raw material is relatively small, crushing and drying can be omitted, the direct molding of this piece.

four, charcoal machine equipment required?

pulverizer (hammer crusher, disc grinder, straw crusher, etc. according to the different selection of raw materials of different crusher) dryer (direct dryer, air dryer);

rod making machine (type 50 bar machine, type 80 bar machine);

carbonization furnace (4 cubic, 6 cubic, 8 cubic meters).

join charcoal machine? For consumers, is a very practical choice. How about joining charcoal machine? Entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Headquarters to provide more support to join, charcoal machine to join, you deserve to have!

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