Open a shop of environmental management skills sharing

environmental protection in recent years is a topic to say, an industry is relatively optimistic about the people in the business when, in order to better living environment, modern people’s environmental awareness, in order to create a healthy living space, many people have chosen to use environmentally friendly products, open a green products shop, attracted a lot of people who want to start. In fact, open an environmentally friendly shop, the successful operation is also a need for skills. Here to give you a look at the opening of an environmentally friendly shop operating skills.

first, maintain the charm of the store

shop, business owners have to store to do a lot of planning, to show attractive style, however, shop, not to let down the one hand, should always maintain it, adhering to the "3S rule" – Somethingspecial, Somethingdifferent, Somethingnew, can make your store always seize the customer’s line of sight.

two, the pursuit of commodity charm

The general manager of

consulting company Xie Zhiming believes that now consumers love "vulgar, Taiwan, satisfaction" of the goods, unless it is otherwise the same brand of supporters, in addition to the commodity price, than nature, than who have multiple functions, good effect. Therefore, no matter who is the future of the world, there is one thing that can be determined – "more perfect service", that is, "quality" and "quantity", coupled with the appropriate "spiritual services". Re commodity part, is the quality of both.

three, improve service charm

stores, the charm of the goods, and then improve the charm of the service, which is to make the staff feel that everyone inside the shop is very friendly, home consumption is a kind of enjoyment.

four, regular promotional

promotion is often a direct and effective way to improve the performance, especially in the seemingly prosperous, but the decline in the consumption of cold and hot outside, the promotion is more important, can increase the freshness. Xie Zhiming proposal, according to the results of the store’s decision to promote sales, in order to play a role. For example, the program is to promote the purchase of the purchase of the impulse and the impulse to buy the store on the big difference.

In fact,

is not a simple business investment, need to have their own skills in many of the details, I hope you don’t forget to successy open a shop is also the demand of environmental protection, skills, there are many problems that should be paid attention to in the management process. After reading about the opening of an environmentally friendly goods store business skills in detail, but also hope to be able to bring help.

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