Kung Fu roast barbecue buffet join need how many money

if you want to open a self-service barbecue shop, and would like to join in the form of starting their own entrepreneurial path, Xiaobian for you to recommend a good self-help barbecue brand, is grilled Kung Fu barbecue buffet.

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headquarters operation and management Kung Fu label Yongxin (Beijing) Food Science Research Institute affiliated to the Beijing Jin Taixi International Trade Co. Ltd., founded in 04 years, has been committed to exploring new mode of catering, and Chinese in East China, West, north, central and Southern China five places were set up branch, as much as possible strive for cooperation to provide a comprehensive and free service at the same time continue to deepen regional market development, brand development policy to open a shop fire to a shop, allowing investors to truly achieve entrepreneurial success. How much does it cost to join barbecue barbecue?

How much does it cost to join

barbecue Kung Fu barbecue?

barbecue Kung Fu barbecue join fee:

a, standard store: total investment 58 thousand and 800 yuan, management fee of $5000 / year area of about 70 square meters

two, flagship store: total investment of 68 thousand and 800 yuan? Management fee of $10000 / year area of about 160 square meters

three, extreme shop: total investment of 128 thousand and 800 yuan? Management fee of $12000 / year area of about 260 square meters

diamond shop: four, a total investment of 208 thousand and 800 yuan management fee 20000 yuan / year?? 450 square meters area

is a Kung Fu roast barbecue join set of no pollution, no smoke, sanitation, health and environmental protection as one of the barbecue, can lock the food nutrition barbecue process, and high in calories and fat, in the future development will become a way to replace the ordinary barbecue barbecue, let ordinary from the stage of history, break the old business model, imperative.

is a one-stop barbecue grilled effort to operate the project, from a location to post operation is professional and technical guidance, taught you how to bake barbecue shop to make money! Kung Fu is a healthy and nutritious delicacy, agents enjoy many preferential policies for investment, the market prospect is broad, easy to join, easy money.

if you have investment grilled barbecue buffet Kung Fu idea, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you to see the message, of course, if you are not satisfied with the brand, we can provide you with more food and beverage brands.

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