Enterprises participating in the exhibition should pay attention to what strategies

exhibition has been very common, in each of us lives at the same time, the exhibition held in the process, often has the very important role, at the same time, enterprises participate in some of the exhibition activities also need to pay attention to some part of the strategy.

The function of

: advertising, promotion, marketing, public relations etc..

two, the participation strategy

1, clear the purpose of the exhibition, to avoid blindness.

2, choose the exhibition, the main factors should be considered in two aspects: first, the purpose of the exhibition; the exhibition is the two. The exhibition should be considered: 1) show the target market; 2) size of the exhibition; 3) the exhibition organizers of the organization (can be seen from the aspects of the breeze, exhibition booth construction, etc.); 4) the show’s history and influence; 5) cost; 6) venue (city Hall). Should recommend two

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