Domestic sheep milk powder ten brands list

relative to milk, in fact, the nutritional value of goat milk is higher, however, due to the excavation of late, leading to the current market is still relatively broad goat milk. But at the same time, there are some relatively fast development of big brands, therefore, here Xiaobian to introduce the ten major domestic sheep milk brand rankings, so that everyone in our country goats’milk market brand has a more comprehensive understanding.

milk milk, milk, goat milk, etc.. In Europe and the United States, goat’s milk is regarded as a high-quality dairy products, known as "noble milk". International academic circles as the king of milk". Jin Shilin, a former member of the International Dairy Federation of China’s expert committee, wrote in the dairy science and technology of the United States, "now, in the United States, goat milk is sold in pharmacies and supermarkets in the United States," said Dr. Jin Shilin…… From a worldwide perspective, goat milk in all milk has a rapid development trend. Following with the small series together to look at the 2016 domestic milk powder list top 10 bar.

domestic sheep milk ten brands list NO.1: Jade goats’milk (founded in 1985, professional goats’ milk brands, has long been engaged in dairy goat production and the whole industry chain group enterprise, Xi’an hundred jump goat Group Co. Ltd)

domestic sheep milk ten brands list: NO.2 Meiling (MeiLing in 1978, the Dairy Industry Association unit, Shaanxi province famous trademark, the special committee chairman unit of Shaanxi Hongxing dairy, Meiling dairy Limited by Share Ltd)

domestic sheep milk ten brands list NO.3:Kabrita (good beiai te haipunuokai dairy’s infant nutrition, focusing on research in the field of infant formula goat milk industry leading brands, haipunuokai nutrition Ltd.)

domestic sheep milk ten brands list: NO.4 San Tang (in dairy goat milk production / processing / sales of the whole industry chain of new milk enterprises, organic sheep milk industry ten big brands, Shaanxi Santar Dairy Co. Ltd)

domestic sheep milk ten brands list NO.5, high (China green food, milk products professional domestic production enterprises, committed to the production of goat’s milk products business, can be very high (China) milk Co. Ltd.)

domestic sheep milk ten brands list: NO.6 (dedicated to the beauty Kim grandmother sheep products research and development / production / sales business, brand, ten goats’milk industry famous brand, Shaanxi Jinniu Co. Ltd.)

domestic sheep milk ten brands list: NO.7 Fineboon (Umbro Huan set research and development / production / sales / service as one of the professional / high-tech dairy group, Shaanxi goats’milk enterprises, Shaanxi.

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