A good idea to let the losers counter attack

many people are frustrated in the business field in the company or give up the self turning into self abandoned, do not know the market situation changes is a business opportunity in front of people, but most people have no lofty ideals and high aspirations of self pity!


35 years old, is the turning point of HTC life, one day, he went through a real estate brokerage company near the home, found the staff dozing. At that time, building sale busy, just only the real estate company deserted, posted in front of building materials is also very few, with the company’s top make news.

in addition, he adopted a "stalker" policy, not a waste of breath, for the customer to introduce for their house, until the last moment, the other side finally find their ideal house, he will not give up easily. Many customers come to the real estate companies want to buy houses, in fact, the heart does not know what idea, if the marketer to seize their psychological weakness, a matter of conscience for their service, customers will all depend on you, do not want to go to another company to buy the estate.


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