Graduate students do not have money can also venture

college graduation season again, just graduated from college students in the confusion of life, may not find their own life orientation. Many college students want to venture into the market but no money, in fact, college students can not afford money business, the following methods can try.


financing way

if family and other relatives and friends to borrow, you need to follow the general procedure of borrowing, carefully write an IOU, and sign the name and date of the borrower borrowing; and if it is a friend to borrow money, but you should take the initiative to IOU, debt service commitments, according to a lot of people borrowing experience, even if friends at all there is no mention of interest to your problem, you should also pay interest payments to each other according to a certain proportion, good by good also, then it is not difficult to".

experts: to borrow money from the family, distinguishing between borrowing and gift you must be Pro Pro, money is money.

skills two

expert comments: it is understood that the consumer loan interest rate does not exceed 5%, which belongs to the very low interest loans, and without any pledge, the only limit is the requirement of higher income.

skills three

pawn financing: the fastest one hour to save the capital chain

pawn was the old society declining family economic source, it is now, the door open to all the people waiting for cash. The real estate car, small to the camera, the ring, as long as the people that you used to pawn things of value, the fastest one hour, you can get your much-needed cash. You sent for collateral, pawn will tell you a final redemption date (usually two to three months), after this day, things to pawn to deal with.

experts: if you are with your favorite things to pawn, we advise you to borrow early morning. Because in many cases, your favorite things are those who buy things at the stores have seen, even if you only a day late repayment, things might not be your.

skills four

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