Wonderful words to promote business fire shop

will not speak, not only to people’s daily lives have a great impact on the operation of a store is a remarkable influence. So, shop business, talk is the key. It should be said that should not say not to say, to encounter the situation to skilly say, in a word, talk to make customer satisfaction, so that customers happy for the principle.

one day, neighbors Wang couple to my store to buy things. When did the door, Wang daughter-in-law dudunangnang to complain about Wang, Wang is a face of impatience, said: "what do you want to buy to buy, buy to go, not in this long winded!"

see this posture, I know this is the couple quarrel bicker. So I hastened to meet with a smile, the little king pulled to the counter side, let him help me to clean up the computer files, and took the opportunity to ask him: "what’s wrong? Two people noisy steamed stuffed bun?"

Wang a face helplessly told me: "my daughter-in-law, the most superstitious! Last time I applied for a QQ number, it was a long time. Said my number has two of the 4, I am not allowed to delete the number, and re spent $two to apply for a. This time, I got a phone card, inside, there are 4, she is not happy."

that’s what it is. My wife Wang smiled and said: "you see, our family bought a house in the 4 unit, my QQ number ending in 244, even in my brothers in ranking is four, you said I’m 4 there is no margin? But I’m not too good? Eat well, sleep, family happiness and harmony, business is booming, live more moisture."

wife Wang began to nod, and then I said, "now buy mobile phone card, with 8 of the mantissa is 6 that is a lucky number, buy something to pay 50 to 100 dollars fee card. Only 4 of the money is not included, but also with the two of the 4, they are also free to send you a fee of $50. You look at the number 4 with more than good ah, not only easy to remember relatives and friends, but also saved the $50 calls. In my opinion, 6 and the 8 is unlucky, you see, you buy, it will let you pay more, at least lost a $130, what is lucky to speak of?"

listened to my words, and Wang’s wife smiled. She looked around, looking for what. I asked, "what else do you want to buy?"

"I’m looking for a price of 4 for your goods!" In a word, everyone laughed.

and more wonderful words come from customers. One day, Xiao Zhang came to my shop to buy a pack of cigarettes, with me going up. He said, "Liu Ge, I was a hero."

I said, "can you be a hero? I don’t believe." Recommended

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