What stores location or evaluation

shop location has been considered a very important thing, because a lot of good not only for you to bring a steady stream of tourists, but also for you to establish a good foundation for your brand. The catering franchise store location is very important, determines the future franchise business is good or bad, Xiao Bian summed up the five skills of catering chain stores site evaluation in here, hope to help a friend in need!

how to evaluate the location of the franchise is good or bad

, a store structure

store structure needs to be evaluated from two aspects: location and competitive perspective.

from the location evaluation of a site, it should look at from the perspective of geographical location, belonging to the business center, business center, quasi suburban and residential type 1 of four categories. According to the properties of chain store itself to evaluate


business center type shop, bustling commercial district is located in the city, where all kinds of business, entertainment, service facilities, buildings, people, cars maximum mobility, radiation sites, scope of business is also widely. This shop opened for all kinds of chain stores.

The quasi

business center type shop. Located in the area of business center, is an important traffic trunk link, customer flow is a citywide business center less, especially the flow of the number of customers rarely, such sites suitable for food, household goods and all kinds of store chain operation.

The suburban site

. It is set up with the city population relocation site, the customer is small but fixed, the lowest operating costs.


type residential location. Located in a large population living within my filter for residential facilities. This site is the most suitable for food, daily and chain stores.

on the other hand, starting from the point of view of competition, see the site belongs to the competition site and isolated location 1 of two categories.

competitive location. Competitors in the same trade area. Competitors have two kinds: one is the same chain store, from this kind of pressure of competition is the biggest opponent; two is a business with a cross shop shop, such as department stores and grocery stores, shops and other vegetables.

The isolated location

. Just and competitive inn location relative, district two above no competition exists. Each of these types of sites have advantages and disadvantages, such as low rent the passenger flow section is less, while the passenger lots of real estate price is extremely expensive; less competition area often lack the commercial appeal, and commercial appeal of large area and is always crowded with many competitors, and find suitable location is very.

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