Guizhou will implement the four projects to encourage entrepreneurship

the concept of social entrepreneurship in China has begun to change the behavior of this, no longer believe that entrepreneurship is a shameful thing, with the improvement of awareness, the number of entrepreneurs is also rising rapidly. Guizhou implementation of the four projects to promote entrepreneurship, the establishment of hundreds of entrepreneurial incubation base to support entrepreneurs.

"action plan" clearly, to the end of 2017, the province will create migrant workers entrepreneurship Park (points) 100, incubation base 100, 20 provincial public record, entrepreneurial city reached 6, the provincial rural labor transfer employment demonstration county 32, completion of entrepreneurship training 100 thousand people, new support for micro 60 thousand enterprises, micro enterprises driven by the employment of 300 thousand people, focus on guiding 750 thousand migrant workers entrepreneurship employment.

to achieve this goal, our province will vigorously implement the main business training, business platform construction, entrepreneurship promotion, public business support "four major projects", focus on the implementation of the 30 measures to promote the national enterprise play entrepreneurship employment multiplier effect, to further promote the province’s better and faster economic development.

the province will fully implement the "3 150 thousand" policy measures to support micro enterprise development; difficult to break the policy obstacles facing the private economy, to provide convenient services for businesses; the implementation of administrative approval and commercial system reform measures, the implementation of tax exemption, business loans, social security subsidies, rent such subsidies and other support policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship training plan through the implementation of urban and rural workers, college graduates million college students entrepreneurship training plan, training plan, small business owner impoverished village leader who get rich training action, enhance the entrepreneurial capacity; through the implementation of the "goose to Xinggui" to promote the return of migrant workers employment action plan, "10000 students plan", women’s entrepreneurship action plan and support the public business.

"action plan" also proposed that the province will carry out e-commerce "baiqianwan project", that is to build 100 national or provincial demonstration projects, 1000 special shop, 10000 e-commerce service stations, and vigorously support the "entrepreneurial business cloud platform construction. By the end of 2017, the province’s e-commerce transactions strive to break through 200 billion yuan, online retail turnover exceeded $50 billion.

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