Cai Anni a graduate of the University was successful in opening the chamber

university graduate, for more people will choose a stable job, and then go to work. Even if you start a business, most of them will choose a career related to science and technology. However, Cai Anni, the hero of this article, has chosen to start a month club, which has been a great success.

25 year old unmarried girl Cai Anni, is the assistant director of Taizhou City Department of maternal and child care in Zhejiang province Jiaojiang a professional confinement club, assist in the management of more than 30 men with yuesao.

in Yuesao industry, a graduate of the University of Cai Anni is very dazzling. Three years ago, Cai Anni and her mother together, see Yuesao industry outlook, began his entrepreneurial path.

laid-off mother spotted Yuesao industry

short hair Cai Anni was very quiet, talk about the professional to immediately gushing.

"I have two South Korea brought back the machine, used for postpartum maternity maternity club." Cai Anni said that the two machines are brought back to the country in 2013, when the country is only four, Taizhou unique.

in the Jiaojiang district is located in the high-end club in the month, Cai Anni is responsible for Yuesao theory training, health care, and postpartum postpartum repair, customer reception work. Postpartum health care and a lot of postpartum repair operation, she personally completed.

‘s mother, Cai Anni, is the head of the club. In 2012, laid-off at home child Mikoto attracted Yuesao salary, in-depth understanding of the industry, found a huge market, but rather is not standardized. Can we do a standardized, scientific confinement center, so that mothers who enjoy the professional norms of service?" Tong Meiqin is determined to do something.

2012 the second half of the year, Tong Mikoto left her hometown Wenling, started a variety of professional nursery, maternal and child care teacher learning in Shanghai. Spent half a year later, passed the relevant professional qualification certificate, child Mikoto returned to Wenling.

in many untrained Yuesao, children become Wenling maternal and child care over the talent shows itself, well-known industry professionals, and hired for the Wenling city community college teachers do Yuesao professional knowledge training.

daughter after graduation from the university to give up the original professional, maternal and child care

2013 years, College of fashion design graduate Cai Anni resigned from the original fabric management work, went to Korea to study medical beauty. In the process of learning beauty, Cai Anni inadvertently exposed to the contents of the postpartum repair.


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