Car wash ten brands list

the number of cars is now soaring, and all kinds of pollution is becoming more and more serious, more and more dust, so the car wash will become a problem every car owners will face. Some people choose to go to a professional car beauty shop cleaning, while others choose to clean their own. Either way, the washing device has become the required tools.

and the so-called car washer is made up of the kettle body, the inflator, the exhaust valve, the outlet pipe, the handle switch and spray brush, etc.. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model adopts the manual inflating pressure to make a high pressure in the kettle, and then through the water outlet pipe, the water column is ejected from the spray gun or the atomized water is sprayed out by the spray brush. In order to achieve different cleaning purposes.

market convenient car wash products more and more complete, there are manual car wash, car electric car washer, charging car washer, multi-function car washer, etc.. Because of the large market demand, leading to the industry has been very rapid development, the brand is more and more. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the car wash ten brands list, so as to provide consumers with a better reference.

car wash ten brand ranking NO.1:KARCHER kaichi (founded in 1935 in Germany, the global clean technology companies, earlier launched portable pressure cleaning machine, large multinational companies, Karcher (Shanghai) cleaning system Co. Ltd.)

car wash ten brand ranking NO.2:Nilfisk Ricky (starting in 1906 Denmark, one of the larger global manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment cleaning industry global leader, nilfisk advance cleaning equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

car wash ten brand list: NO.3 black Himore (founded in 1958, Jiangsu province famous trademark, domestic washing machine industry ten big brands, large cleaning equipment provider, Suzhou black cat (Group) Co. Ltd.)

car wash ten brand list: YILI (NO.4 billion in 1983, dust collector for high pressure cleaning machine series / product development / production / marketing as one of the enterprises, cleaning equipment industry well-known brands, Shanghai Yili Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)

car wash ten brand list: NO.5 Panda (panda R & D / manufacturing / sales professional enterprise, high pressure cleaning machine and cleaning equipment in one of the Chinese cleaning industry well-known brands, Shanghai panda cleaning machine Co. Ltd)

car wash ten brand list: NO.6 Anlu (Anlu began in 1996, Zhejiang province famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, specializing in the production of commercial / residential high pressure cleaning machine of high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang Anlu cleaning machine Co. Ltd)


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