Fujian to promote the protection of property rights five principles of law

in the continuous progress of society, science and technology is also in constant innovation, but in the property rights issues, in many aspects has been controversial, for such a common phenomenon, Fujian to promote the property rights protection law five principles. According to Xinhua news agency, the CPC Central Committee and State Council on improving the protection of property rights system in accordance with the law to protect property rights, 27 officially announced. This is the first time in the name of the central property rights protection of the top-level design.

"opinions" in order to solve the problem of social property rights has long been concerned about the clear direction. Notably, opinions in many places for land and housing property issues of public concern, given and arrangements made clear: the right to use residential construction on the expiration of the subsequent period of land expropriation legal arrangements, detailed specification statutory authority and procedures, giving farmers more property rights etc.. As the top-level design, opinions one by one clear the specific responsibilities of each department. Reporters learned that the relevant supporting the implementation of the program is being developed.

to promote the protection of property rights five principles of the rule of law

strengthen the protection of property rights, the fundamental policy is to comprehensively promote the rule of law. "Opinions" clearly further improve the modern property rights system, promote the protection of property rights by the five principles of law:

adhere to equal protection. Perfect property protection system with justice as the core principle, unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development, the economy of public ownership inviolability of property rights, property rights of non-public economy equally inviolable.

adhere to comprehensive protection. The protection of property rights includes not only the protection of real rights, creditor’s rights and equity, but also the protection of intellectual property rights and other intangible property rights.

adhere to legal protection. To perfect the legal system of socialist market economy, strengthen law enforcement, to ensure that there are laws to go by.

insist on joint participation. Combination of government integrity and public participation, the construction of the rule of law government, responsible government, honest government, enhance the concept of civil rights protection and contract consciousness, strengthen social supervision.

adhere to the treatment. Pay close attention to solving the outstanding problems of property rights protection, improve the accuracy of property rights protection, speed up the establishment of long-term mechanism for protection of property rights.

clear ten tasks of property rights protection

the "opinions" clearly ten major tasks: to strengthen the protection of property rights all economic rights protection; perfecting the legal system of equal protection of property rights; properly handle the history of the formation of the property rights cases; strictly regulate the legal procedures involving property disposal; carefully grasp the Department recommended

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