College students to invest in three major projects recommended

now many college students have begun to become the main force of the whole venture, while in college students on the road of entrepreneurship, there are often a lot of classic entrepreneurial projects are waiting for college students to find.

What are the

a scenic flow in

usually entrepreneurs only need to prepare a digital camera and a printer can.

due to shoot to this tour as one of the camera pixels and the functional requirements is not high, so the savings from cost considerations, to the secondary market Amoy a thousand dollars less than the old, you can fix. As for the printer, considering that there is no fixed place of business, which belongs to the mobile business, so the small volume, portable tape printer is the best choice.

scheme two: Micro printing agency

after entering the University, what things will be standardized, handwritten report the teacher does not receive the application form must be printed, don’t understand it. Although the school is also a text printing society, but far from the hostel, and monopoly, the price is too black. Why can’t I make a micro text printing society, for the benefit of students, they also earn some pocket money?

this idea of the students believe that many, but it really is not much more hands-on. In fact, it is not difficult to build, the cost can be controlled within 1500 yuan, the need to prepare a few packets of A4 printing paper, a stapler, and then equipped with a multi-functional recommendation

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