2012 marketing innovation to grasp the future

to entrepreneurship and marketing are inseparable, in you everything is ready when, toward the end is the marketing of the road, but marketing is a great learning, the key is an era, how to marketing?

the purpose of marketing is to satisfy consumer demand, therefore, we must understand the next ten years, especially what is the characteristics of consumers in three to five years. The next ten years, now 80 will be China’s mainstream, they will be China’s most important consumer groups. After 80 generation is usually only child, their growth environment and 60, after 70 years is completely different. After 80 has a unique way of thinking and values, have their own views and trade-offs, independent self, advocating personality, willing to pursue a unique style and products in line with their own personality. With the progress of information technology, more and more 80 channels to obtain information, which makes their life more fragmented, attention is more dispersed, but also makes them dependent on traditional media is further reduced, at the same time, they should pay more attention to product experience.

A successful brand:

Why can

personalized marketing experience are the second key factors of rapid growth of Optima. Apple Corp with a standardized approach to achieve a highly personalized product experience, to achieve one machine one world. Optima is a large-scale production, personalized customization, >

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