Chongqing ABB industrial robot robot awesome help

in our daily life, with the continuous development of science and technology, the robotics industry began to come out, and has played an important role in many fields. In recent years, the rapid development of the robotics industry in Chongqing. Chongqing Daily News said yesterday, two rivers district signed a formal investment agreement with ABB company, Chongqing ABB robot application center project located in the two rivers area soil and water park. The project will be carried out in the near future ABB robot system integration, application, sales and related services, the latter will be based on market conditions to consider the development of investment in the construction of ABB robot ontology base.

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, ABB robot is one of the world’s four largest robot, with the world’s leading technical strength and brand effect, can effectively promote the development of local robotics. In addition, the smooth implementation of the project can also contribute to the future of ABB and Liangjiang New Area to carry out more extensive cooperation.

Switzerland ABB settled in two rivers area, the robot, the four families are rushing layout Chongqing. The four family is the world’s top robotics companies, they grasp the key technology in the field of industrial robots, accounting for more than 70% of China’s industrial robot market share.

in March this year, one of the "four family" KUKA Germany and Changan industry set up a joint venture in Liangjiang New Area, plans to invest 56 million yuan in the construction of system integration and the robot unit is expected to put into production base, the annual output value of 200 million yuan.

through the above introduction, we can see that the development of Chongqing robot enterprises, because of the great help to get ABB, which made a higher development results. In June of the same year, the "four family", one of the world’s first robot production and sales of Japanese FANUC contract settled in Two Rivers District, plans to invest 100 million yuan in the construction of Chongqing FANUC technology center, will eventually be built production base of FANUC robot in southwest china. It is understood that the "four family" of another member, Japan Yaskawa electric also made contact with Chongqing, is expected to achieve as soon as possible in the layout of chongqing.

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