The era of brand puff dessert

dessert investment projects by consumers has a lot, which is a puff look is simple, does not eat what unique dessert, but it was a lot of people love, you know the reason behind this? Let us come to understand this small dessert delicacy puffs through the brand puff era.

is a puff from Italy’s sweets, since sixteenth Century was introduced to France after the promotion, after a long time, occupy a larger share of the dessert market, now has become a large family dinner dessert finale. The traditional puff is adopted in the fluffy cream wrapper with cream, chocolate and other accessories made after. Romantic French legend: because the cream and cake into the wedding hall, so there is a cream cake, and love butter bread can only bury love in the heart, turned into a puff, when you bite the first bite, you will be deeply in love with her. Compared with the French in Chinese, puff traditional technology and product are displayed in the bakery as auxiliary camp single product sales, although the sales situation is more optimistic, but still unable to break through the traditional production methods, sales of single type of embarrassment and technical bottlenecks, the market prospect is severely undervalued. Day food catering through years of domestic market operation and consumption habits of research, and constantly explore the leading foreign puff production technology, after repeated research and deployment, successful innovation dozens of unique taste and product integration puffs, packaging after strong launch, quickly fill the gaps in the domestic market to brand market. " puff times " the successful launch of more indicates that at the same time with a trend of wealth era grand opening dessert.


puff era dessert

puff era dessert expert French flavor trend, the trend has always been to dessert for the project core, the characteristics of each puff single product, not only the appearance of creative, taste is to shake the soul and a long aftertaste. A bite of the skin, fresh crisp fragrant, in silk smooth, hot cool wonderful experience on the tongue instantly burst, always leading the industry forward pace, continue to meet the young consumer demand of security, each store can lasting hot.

How about

puff era, as a new fashion dessert baking brand, adhering to the concept of internationalization will be the perfect combination of baking and drink, just to fill the gaps in this one Chinese on the market. Puff Era series include the world classic Western almost delicacy delicious, authentic series puffs, Egg Tart, American doughnuts, Hong Kong Style dessert, tea table…… The main products are 100% of the international raw materials refined, more green, healthy, diverse taste and other prominent features. Puff era has become one of the most popular business projects, sales of almost every day empty, overall believe your dreams of wealth is no longer distant


puff era join headquarters support force.

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