Choose what should be paid attention to their own business

some people have great passion in entrepreneurship, they are not afraid of any difficulties, always believe that they will create a world. So people choose self employment is gradually increased, this is the courage to face setbacks, will be more and more risk, the probability of success is very small, so you are self-employed must pay attention to the following matters, reduce the risks of entrepreneurship.

A, have long prepared to fight a protracted war, the best combination of their professional and good, the integration of its own resources to identify the project, a bold attempt to start to have the quality of life and level of a temporary decline in mental capacity.

two, don’t be swayed by the opinions of others, not others, swaying, earnest to go its own way, on the outside of the groundless talk to ignore the gossip, naturally do not seriously, especially those just saying that people do not seriously. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, the business strategy and tactics to be confidential, do not deny that some people will deliberately stimulate your way to force you to say the secret, this is very cautious.

three, at the beginning, don’t expect everything around publicity cooperation, foothold again.

four, the success of something or others may be appropriate to learn from predecessors. But can not blindly copy. The success of others have their own opportune conditions, not necessarily for you, want to consider the situation, find out the most suitable for their own way to. There is no way to repeat the experience of others.

five, with passion and imagination. The former can encourage themselves to maintain a kind of energy and vitality, which can help themselves overcome in the capital, management, marketing and other aspects of the difficulties encountered and difficulties and hopes and dreams.

six, the entrepreneur must have hardship and ready to stage a comeback, not up until the goal will never retreat have failed. Similar to Zheng Guofan of the Qing Dynasty and the Taiping Army War "defeated, defeats" spirit "in those days, Shi Yuzhu and the giant group had collapsed, incognito, how abjection and miserable, but after a few years," melatonin "swept the hidden behind on both sides of the Changjiang River, let Shi Yuzhu once again become the focus of the time, people have to wonder entrepreneurs are tough and persistent.

seven, to learn to look at the advantages and disadvantages of your partner. In the face of the loss and hesitation of the team members, in addition to a broad mind, but also actively reserve talent, which is particularly important at the beginning. In this society, no one can casually succeed, as the business people fight charge into the enemy ranks, run, people gone, now don’t sigh, not discouraged, because immediately started recruiting, not until the last moment never retreat and give up, only after such training, after the storm you can wash away childish and simple, mature and sophisticated, to deal with the problem will be more and more handy, handle it, until the final victory.

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