Do you have the skills to run a restaurant How to get people

We all know that

is the fundamental business sales of each brand to develop, in order to long-term development, promotion is the main means of operation, is a lot of entrepreneurial business skills, want to make better use of marketing skills, to better understand how to promotion, according to the brand marketing plan, so as to better ensure the store the performance.

the most commonly used means of promotion for experiential marketing, cultural marketing, in the two kinds of marketing form with discount marketing. But you must not use a direct discount marketing form, because the food is a food, the use of direct discounts in the form of easy to make consumers feel the quality of food problems, as well as the expiration of raw materials.

discount and indirect form is a good form of promotion, such as packages, now this form is a popular practice in the catering industry. Take food franchisee can be discounted for the amount of consumer spending.

The last point is

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