The best choice for entrepreneurs to join the Hot pot business with a small capital

hot pot, in our lives, is also very hot. Moreover, the hot pot to join the project throughout the year are very popular food. Hot pot project to join? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs!

Spring Festival is over, summer is approaching, when we started to recall those days, there are always some pictures flash, a beautiful scenery, a movie, a song, or memorable taste, such as a pot of hot Hot pot. Do not know if there is a taste, it appears in your life in a year, you taste it and then love it, you also because of this kind of love in your life to leave traces. We Chinese their lunar new year has passed, standing at the beginning of the rise of memories about the story of the past. Join the business to create more new possibilities for your life.

sure someone is willing to go back and look back on the past. Chaotianmen hot pot has recently begun to recall that year. In the late Qing Dynasty period, Chaotianmen coastal rivers wharf pulled the boat trackers for the livelihoods and food, with a pot of boiling, gradually became the prototype of Chongqing Hot pot, so Chaotianmen is the cradle of Chongqing Hot pot, here in the brand, the most representative of the Chongqing wharf culture unique. Therefore, Chaotianmen is called "Chongqing business card".

Chaotianmen hot pot heritage of the classic history of the process, in strict accordance with the traditional Chongqing hot pot production techniques developed by the old, hot pot to restore the old style. Speaking of Chaotianmen was founded in 1935, Hot pot, a generation of people, to seek a livelihood, at the time of the pier, built a "Chaotianmen" first Hot pot Museum, to provide food and place to travel between the passenger terminals and pull the boat trackers, is one of the popular Hot pot Museum pier at that time. Later, the bigger the hot pot restaurants, in order to commemorate the birth of the place, the brand will be named "Chaotianmen" hot pot. Then, because of historical reasons interrupted the operation.

history is a pair of sharp eyes, people take years ago in Chongqing City, to see what happened in the past and ruins. In 40s of last century, is one of the best of times, it was the worst of times, at the time of Chongqing, was in the bombing of the shadow, all industries are facing control and shut down, Chaotianmen is no exception Hot pot. But the passage of time, those traces have become the past, Chaotianmen Hot pot resumed operations in the last century at the beginning of 90s, began to rebuild and rebirth, grow and change constantly, it finally in the new style show in front of people, will bring out the Chongqing Hot pot area, but also promoted the development of the brand. Do not want to preach how to grow up with the new, but the spirit of Chongqing hot pot culture subtle, implanted in the hearts of the people, which is probably the Chaotianmen hot pot of heaven and earth do not forget the beginning of the heart.

hot pot join? For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very.

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