How to choose a better location

shop business has become a way for a lot of people want to get rich, toy stores in recent years, the business is good, a lot of friends want to open a toy store, then how many friends site become a headache. According to the characteristics of the toy store to open lots to divide, we can divide him into the following categories:

1, business center district. This area is generally a regional commercial center or downtown, the lot of commercial activities, daily sales are higher. Such as shopping malls open area selling toy store and supermarket counters is typical of such shops;

2, surrounding communities. Now this kind of open toy store, it can save cost, bring some regulars.

3, specialty street. The best location to open a toy shop.

4, similar stores, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose.

A place where people gather or gather together

5. Such as theaters, cinemas and other places of entertainment, and sometimes attract those who go to the store is also a good choice.

according to the crowd around the toy store, we can make the following analysis:

1, maternal and child health care hospital and other children’s Hospital in the vicinity of a lot: suitable for children aged 0-3 years of age based. To provide a complete three certificates and other documents.

2, kindergarten, nursery near: 3-6 years old. Target customers are kindergarten children as well as the transfer of parents, mostly grandparents, parents of the smaller proportion. Under normal circumstances, the child is willing to buy, and adults in general circumstances will allow, so the product should be based on the child’s vision should prevail in the end price based. Can be combined with a number of children loved to open the toy store animation theme.

is more than some of the toy stores introduced how location, hope everyone can help play a role, store business directly and store location has a great relationship, these are just some of the recommendations, want to choose the address also need to carefully examine, find a good location to the source billowing.

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