Li Lan 100 thousand yuan with a rainbow rain candle house

under the current social conditions, need to use candles unless some professional places, its scope is very narrow, but who would not think of, is a product of this narrow, unexpectedly also can be used as a rich opportunity, Li Lan took 100 thousand yuan Bay rainbow rain candle house, and business is booming.

the allocation of funds: 60 thousand yuan purchase inventory +2 million shop rent +1 million daily expenses, labor costs +1 million yuan and other expenses: wholesale customers, customers of the hotel purchasing supervisor, environmental designers, Home Furnishing designer, other scattered customers can profit: with the growing customer base, the business is getting better, certainly there will be a profit.

in addition to appreciate their candle light, but also enjoy the candle fragrance, a living room, a bedroom, a Restroom, according to the change of mood like candles. Later, by the influence of the old lady, candles have become a necessity in my life. I think the candle is a very good visual, taste, smell and mobilize the jewelry.

20% market analysis,

modern people more and more the pursuit of quality of life and spiritual enjoyment. When I had just returned to the petty bourgeoisie "is also very popular, many people begin to pay attention to their own, to re-examine their own way of life, trying to make your life a little more comfortable, but this is often, I think this is a good time, those exquisite jewelry Home Furnishing should have a market, so I open a candle shop.

10% product awareness:

I distribution of candles are for export, brand and design are in foreign countries, and the processing and the production was in the country. In the United States, I also found that many products are marked on the label of "made in China," the words, then I would like to why in the country have not seen such a product? In fact, China is still very strong in this regard.

startup: 60% +20% psychological test customer training +10% source to prepare +10% advertising plan. 10%: I only know to supply most of the manufacturers are making candles Chinese, also brought back from abroad a lot of samples, but when I decided to open a shop, need to know what place can make, what place can purchase, but how also can’t get a clue, thanks to the surrounding friends, they also help me positive about a long time.

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